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Moonshot presents: HOPPA! a Ra8bits Production

A 2D classic platformer in Arcade style!


"When a Ra8bit is denied to live the life he believes in, he has no other choice but to become an outlaw”


It is dark and cold on the moon… you could hear a pin drop, if you had one. There’s this box and when you get closer, s
queaky noises are coming from inside. "Ra8bit…brap, Ra8bit! Fukkie, toot, tootfukkie! Ra8bit…many pew, poing!"


👉 Collect power ups to break bricks and throw rabbit droppings

👉 Evade, stomp or hit enemies with your droppings

👉 Eat carrots to regain health

👉 Collect coins

👉 Find secret rooms


💎 Includes Bonus level

💎 3 Levels Total



⏳ More game surprises coming

⏳ Poll based feature development



Full game only accessible for Moonshot and Ra8bit holders.




Next ?  Ra8bits Breeding Room - The Ra8bitHole

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Moonshot presents: Ra8bit Raiders! 
a Ra8bits Production

Ra8bit Raiders Shoot-em-Up! Mint your free Spaceship NFT and save the planet! Play now at 🕹

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