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Since August 2021 we have been working our Ra8bits project. We chose to kick off this mystery with MoonShot and let some of our Ra8bits fly along to the moon, hidden in a box… a box the Ra8bits had never seen before.

"It was dark, cold and dead quiet… you could here a pin drop, if you had one.

Through some whirled up dust slowly a shade appears. A big mysterious kind of moonbox shows up and when you get closer, weird squeaky noises are reverberating from inside. “Ra8bit! Ra8bit! Ra8bit! Ra8bit!”  What the f….?! They’ve landed! They’re on the moon! The first Ra8bit ever on the blue moon! Do you hear thát Miss Baker!?

This journey resulted in a unique collection containing 10,000 newborn Ra8bits-NFT's, breeded by algorithm. But now their journey has ended, they want to spread out! Out of their Moonbox into the grid of the decentralized world. Perhaps meet some randy lady Ra8bits from a future box for a quicky. Mingle with no reserve, do it all over again and don’t beat around that bush anymore."

So, you can become a parent of their child! And if you believe you’re hardened enough to withhold him from carrotcake after 10:00 PM, then we promise he’ll try to behave…

In return you’ll get a one of kind valuable piece of NFT-art, excitement and a Ra8bit to play with. Keep an eye on our project on our social media channels. Project Female Ra8bits (#10,000) and the Lost Ra8bits (#300) are already live and we're working hard on The Ra8bithole. So be patient and let the fuckening begin!

Specially thnx to the guys from MoonShot where the Ra8bits are entertained and prepared for adoption. 
Without their help we would 
still be eating grass.

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