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“We believe art is the wealth of mankind, yet it is often in the hands of a few. To ensure equal access to artworks,

we need a better trading system and the innovation of technology.” 

Ra8bits is a totally new project, that includes a forever expanding virtual society created/bred by the growing Crypto Community on the blockchain. It’s intended to create a world together with the Crypto Community using logic, artistic

and aesthetic values. It ‘s unbiased and open-ended. We are interested in the choices our community makes, to create this virtual society on blockchain. 

For the last period we have been finalizing our Ra8bits project. It ended up in a collection of 10,000 randomized male Ra8bits, created by algorithm. And more! We chose to kick off this new project at MoonShot from out of MoonBoxes.
The idea behind the concept is that the characteristics of the known rabbit as propagators of many. In this case 8bit pixel
Ra8bits go berserk on each other. No moderation! They still can be bought at

But this is not the most important thing. This helped the first Ra8bits to meet the world. 

What important is that these Ra8bit NFT’s will be the first cross-breedable tokens on the BSC.

With its own Utility Token

So the males were already launched from MoonBoxes. The female Ra8bits were launched November 14 and are live now. They are Available on Once free, they end up at the decentralized NFT Marketplace MoonSea. And the trade will be eased by its own currency. 

MoonSea will be the marketplace for Ra8bits and many other NFTs. It's your choice if your Ra8bit ends up there. This platform is more accessible for creators and NFT fans. Price wise, trade wise and creative wise. With MoonSea, we will integrate our Breeding Room, the Ra8bithole.


Collection I - The males batch 

So the first batch is male and has launched in October 2021 on MoonBoxes.

The sale closed on Nov. 13 and the unsold Ra8bits were burned in The Great Burning.
The buyers of our Male
Ra8bit NFT's are eligible for the airdrop of our RA8BIT Utility Token
The first stage of the distribution already happened and soon, more tokens will be released on the market. 
For ever
y Male Ra8bits NFT you own, you will get 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) tokens dropped in your wallet.

Collection II - The females batch 

The first 10,000 female Ra8bits are presented. So these could also be bought from a MoonBox. 
Pick one, buy it and choose a mate later on. All progress depends on the timeframe we are in right now.

Inside the female collection, a golden male is hidden, this NFT is also breedable. Launch June 7th!

Collection III - The Lost Ra8bits

It’s a mystery! After the big burn of November 13th 2021, we were all left in the dark.Behold this group of 300 survivors! …and apparently they have been breeding, in that same dark. Before anyone else! These 300 lost Ra8bit NFT’s have special ‘burned-style’ blocks that can mix with the previous male and female blocks.

Collection IV - The Precursors

We have also a pack of Precursors. These will be also presented for sale at MoonSea. These are the very first over 100 designs which lead to al of this. They all have their own character and bond with someone. We think they will be very popular under the NFT collectors. And it is not thinkable that there will come more in number or abstract ways in the near future. 

Collection V - Ra8bit Booster Pack

In the 'Ra8bitHole', a Tinderlike platform integrated with Moonsea the owners of the Ra8bits can look around what is available to connect with. NFT profiles will be visible and you can request a ‘private party’. The outcome will be 1 totally new unlike Ra8bit-NFT with the same possibilities as the rest. 

Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 16.16.20.png

Each parent will have the option to receive a ‘child’ if they are willing to spend the tuition.
And again, with our eye on LBGTV there are multiple options to breed with and what you prefer.

There are no limits. You can fool around with 2 or 3 Ra8bits if that’s your thing. But you can also trace your NFT’s ancestry logs to see who your ‘parents’ are. Do I have half-brothers for example? Was my mother rare? Or just a working lady? 

The algorithm and randomness continues and this is just the start. The offspring can be offered for breeding at MoonSea

So we keep interaction for the NFT holders and they can create extremely rare NFT for themselves ending up at MoonSea

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