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Ra8bit’s Initial Lootbox Offering
Presale R
a8bit-NFT + Ra8bit-Token





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The time for Ra8bits has come. It is time for a serious contender. A contender to stay and evolve.

After all, until now we have seen plenty of NFT creatures shoot for the moon, but where is the ultimate multiplying one of all times? This is where the Ra8bits come around the corner. What more suitable utility token can there be but a Ra8bit? Masters of cross-breeding, multiplying and chasing his prize!  
We consider
Ra8bit to be the perfect choise and feel like we could do so much better than majority of all the meme coins out there - Simply by adding lots and lots of utility value. 
Therefore, we want to introduce to you: 


• The Ra8bit-Token [$RA8BIT] • 


Our token is launched in a unique way and will be distributed among the Male Ra8bit holders who participated in the MoonBox sale on


Total supply
1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) Symbol: R

Each transfer has a 15% fee 

6% is automatically distributed to all Holders.
5% is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

4% is automatically added to the Ra8bits marketing and development fund.

Token Distribution 

The Ra8bit-Token total supply of 1 quadrillion is broken up into four parts: 

50% of the total supply was allocated to the NFT sale. Each Ra8bit NFT represented 50,000,000,000 tokens and the total number of Ra8bit-NFTs was 10,000
After the launch, 1598
Ra8bits were either sold or given away, resulting in the Great Burning of the Male Ra8bits and 71% of the Token supply.


10% was vested in the Moonshot project for joint-marketing and airdrops on their Moonshooter NFT Series. The Moonshot project burned 90% of their tokens. In total, 79% of the Ra8bit token supply is burned.


The Deployer wallet contains tokens to be distributed to our Male NFT holders. This token distribution will deliberately be slow not to harm the liquidity and price development.


RA8BIT Distribution 

Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 21.02.17.png

The Deployer will distribute the remaining tokens from the airdrop over the coming months,
releasing the tokens to the community in a timely and controlled manner

The Deployer Reserve will be used for Marketing (GiveAways, Promotions)

Real Time

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